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I wish everyone could appreciate this more and respect the time I do give and the time I am unable to give without acting like a selfish brat when I can't drop everything for them. Recognize when people go out of their way for you or they will stop .


Today I want to share with you a few things that have either made me smile or have inspired my kitchen this week. I hope you enjoy them. And please share with us what inspired you this week in the comments. First up, a few words of wisdom from tea towels!


♥I can remember our first real conversation , what you wore last time I saw you , I can remember all the little things that made my day because of you. The truth is though your so stuck up your friends ass to remember the things I will never forget...

Something to think about when the fear of Change gets in your way. We all suffer from this once in awhile, and that's absolutely logical . But every once in awhile we can can into a rut , that we dont want to get out of....that's a good time to READ this.