After wedding shot

Sexy but romantic post-wedding shot. really romantic. its the kind of picture you look at 10 years down the road when youre having a tough day and you immediately remember why you got married and how much you love the other person.

canvas with first song lyrics.. love this!

Canvas with first dance song the idea of using first dance song lyrics in wedding gift.

Put old pics of bride and groom on the bathroom door at the wedding!

Funny Idea: Place old pictures of the bride and groom on the door of the bathrooms. It’ll give the guests something to laugh about. I would use old pictures of us in the bathroom haha


bride and groom this is how a wedding should begin Cute wedding photo idea :) wedding day

Bridesmaid picture on the morning of the big day!

Photo with the Bridesmaids morning of the wedding! I think a lot of bride and bridesmaid photos are cheesy, but this one is cute!

Bride & Groom list the things they love about the other and then it is displayed at the reception. Then they could be put in the home and serve as a reminder of how much the other is appreciated and loved. :) This is such a cute and sweet idea

The bride & groom list things they love about the other to display at the reception. Later it's to be placed in their home to serve as a reminder of how much the other is appreciated & adore. Such a sweet idea.

lace wrapped lily of the valley bouquet

Lily of the Valley Bouquet. I always loved seeing this flower in my mom's garden. Have the Bride's Bouquet be Lily of the Valley and the bridesmaid's be lavender.

Centerpiece idea!

cute idea for a table setting. Use roses or flowers on the table and cover it with a wine glass. Bottom end of wine glass holds a lit candle on top.

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