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Oh my god Cas is the best character in the whole show xD I seriously love Supernatural

supernatural 12x09: First Blood

Dean called one person. He fully intended to die that night, and he only called Cass! Supernatural First Blood

And the ones who started the destruction of the world. But you know, tomato toemato.

Supernatural First Blood>>I have a feeling if it wasn't a serious moment Dean would have popped in with a "And I'm the guy that killed Hitler"

supernatural 12x09: First Blood<< This scene gave me the chills, it really shows the boys' darker side

supernatural First Blood<I love my boys, but it's kinda scary that the Fandom completely overlooks that they are serial killers

Find out which Disney Princess is just like YOU!

Glad Disney produced a movie with a strong willed independent heroine rather than the damsel in distress role we see so often!