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Conference Starters | 25 Awesome Anchor Charts For Teaching Writing

25 Awesome Anchor Charts For Teaching Writing


A classroom from Baton Rouge, LA


Cute idea - would be cute when talking about careers - have them draw a picture of what they want to be when they grow up - caption, "My future is so bright I have to wear sunglasses!"

End of the Year Projects - Mrs. T's First Grade Class


So many uses for this book! reading comp: theme. Writing: word choice, voice, illustrating, brainstorming, vivid verbs persuasive writing- having students write an advertisement for a book they have written.

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I love this list of how to be a good friend. Introduce the topic at circle time, and write down the children's suggestions on big paper.

The Inspired Apple: {Wizard of Oz Unit Day 2 + Cloud People}


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Groundhog Day {Craft and fun activities in English and Spanish}


Great sentence-stems chart for responding to reading

Reading - Mrs. Whalen's Classroom


Wish I had seen this idea before we did weather :)

The Lesson Plan Diva: We started our weather unit!


How to help BEGINNING or STRUGGLING writers succeed! The "I Can.." statements and Illustrated Word Bank help students generate ideas and spell words!

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Create this book to go along with "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" Pair and animal and food and say what would happen.

Mrs. Schmelzer's First Grade Class: March 2011


After reading "Enemy Pie," have your students write a Friendship Pie Recipe and complete a cute and simple pie craft!

a year of many firsts: The Book Nook (Enemy Pie)


instagram bulletin board - post pics all year!

Draw The Line At: instagram bulletin board


Awesome anchor chart to guide children to learning appropriate ways to illustrate their own work.

Photo on Pin by Kayla Kidwell on Teaching | Pinterest


Graphic Organizers for Personal Narratives. I use a few different graphic organizers that have made a world of difference to my young writers. This week I'm happy to share with you some of the tools I use to help make planning and writing narratives that are focused, sequential, and interesting a bit easier for my students.

Graphic Organizers for Personal Narratives | Scholastic.com


Just the Facts: Writing Your Own Research Report AWESOME book for teaching research writing. It is certainly more appropriate for upper elementary and middle school - but all together a wonderful resource with great pictures to use when first teaching research writing!

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Writing Mentor Texts - next week I will begin teaching the Lucy Calkins writing program and found this website to be very useful for finding texts that display the writing objectives I will be teaching.

Writing Mentor Texts


Cool visual writing rubric for kids.

Totally Terrific in Texas: Writing and illustrating Chart


Roll a sentence. Learning to make complete sentences. # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Roll a Sentence (FREE Printable Included)


This is now my #1 favorite mentor text for teaching word choice. If you can get past the fact that it's about a cockroach that plays with his food (gross), you'll find that it's jampacked with vivid verbs and adjectives like "scrambled," "chortled," "eensy," "brilliant," "stammered," "gasped," "howled," "insisted"... and the list goes on. use with Razzle, Dazzle word unit

Write On, Fourth Grade!


Sentence Structure or Parts of Speech.

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First Grade Wow: writing Love this for first/second grade writing small moments=personal narrative.

First Grade Wow: Catch a Small Moment!


Small Moments writing. I love how the students turn and talk and then touch each page to plan their writing.

Planning Small Moment Stories | Scholastic.com


interesting way to get students to read more critically... small moments

Totally Terrific in Texas: Small Moments


Getting It Started Saturday: Habit 1: Be Proactive

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Writing goals

Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten: Writing goals