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hug yourself jacket

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Bwaah-haa-haa! Brand new way to think about "The Curse."

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Hahaha!!! I'm not sure about being a better person but I'd definitely be wayyyyy more relaxed! Lol

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Think I'm going to have to print this and post it where it can be seen by all.

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I should use this when people are annoying

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Insanity in my family…


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I can name several people who need to hear this, Lol

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I try not to worry about the future- so I take each day just one anxiety attack at a time

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Drive you crazy

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Stop saying I'm hard to shop for. Surely you know where a liquor store is. Lol

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So true.

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People who are having a worse day than you

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I wish my life had background music so I could understand what the hell is going on.

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every day !!!

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I am not anxious. I am just extremely well educated about all the things that can go catastrophically wrong. Sad but true, though I choose not to dwell on these things, it is secret knowledge in the back of my mind, so really, not anxious at all, unless a 2 year old is attempting one of THOSE things...

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I've been in this phase for a few years now and I am doing it more and more often :D

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