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Elementary Art - Clay

Elementary Art - Clay

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How to Recycle Ceramic Clay Using the Bucket Method -- via

How to Recycle Ceramic Clay Using the Bucket Method

Lauren Denney folded porcelain tea light holders web

Folded Porcelain Tea Light Holders - Lauren Denney

Wow. I wish I could've been part of such an awesome art class in school! How cool are these projects?! And many more fun ones in this post too.

There's a Dragon in my Art Room: Subbing and an almost art show

The ArtRoom - love this slab vase idea, use a cardboard template to create the shape, like the idea of glazing the inside black also

Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash clay snails - love the pipe cleaner and joggle eyes elementary art education ceramics lessons snail kindergarten 1st grade

Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash

pinch pot monsters

Pinch Pot Monsters

pinch pot fish

Ceramic Guppies

Cecilia Boivie: Muggar-coil on vessel ~ wonder if you could do this with raku pottery

Cecilia Boivie: Muggar

Clay bobble heads

Art Room 104: Clay Picasso Faces

Art Room 104: Clay Picasso Faces

Monet Clay Waterlily and Lilypad- bisqueware dipped in diluted tempera

Clay Picasso faces. Finish with wire/bead/pipecleaner hair

Art Room 104: YAM: 3rd Grade Picasso

Use Letter pasta! Burns off in kiln.

Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery

ceramics project.

McRae Art Studios

How to create a flat tile it really works!!!!

Flat Tiles The Easy Way

5 Ways to Prevent Explosions in Your Kiln

5 Ways to Prevent Explosions in Your Kiln | ClayGeek

Baking Soda Clay. This is like Crayola's Model Magic. For kids and adults. So many possibilities for this. I love making things with mediums like this!

hand-bowl... awesome idea!

Studio Arts Dallas | Gallery - Auction Art

leaf bowls

*Fun Art 4 Kids: Leaf Bowls

2nd grade clay frogs Art teacher: Susan Joe

How to stay organized with sample glaze tiles - Attach it directly to the glaze, only the time to make them!

Stay Organized by Making Sample Glaze Tiles | The Art of Ed

Pottery By Hand. Make your own pottery or paint pre-made pieces. Great for birthday parties! Pottery lessons and classes are here too.

Our Lesson Plan #42: Create a Flock of Birds-One Pinch Pot at a Time was created by Jennifer Hoolihan, a Ceramic Technician and Educator at Highwater Clays. Students create a multi-species flock from pinched bowls and a few simple tools with firing or self-hardening clay over a couple of class periods. #playinclay #ceramics #pottery #education #art #schools #artinschools #teachers

lots of hand built lessons

Five Great Handbuilding Techniques: Variations on Classic Techniques for Making Contemporary Handbuilt Pottery