100 Days of Holidays: Spinning Spirits (via Parents.com)

Halloween Party Decorations, Crafts, and Treats

Spinning Spirits: Spinning ghosts: Hung from the ceiling, these friendly paper ghosts will swirl, sway, and spook all night long.

Fun Crafts Made With Autumn Leaves: Leaf Glitter (via Parents.com)

Fun Crafts Made With Autumn Leaves

Leaf Glitter: These dimensional drawings are made using leaves from your yard, lending them the subtle colors of late autumn. With a pencil, sketch a simple shape on card stock. A design with just a few lines and lots of space works best.

100 Days of Holidays: Painted Acorns (via Parents.com)

Festive Fall Decor You'll Love

Gather falling acorns and paint them your favorite vibrant color. Toss in a clear vase for an eye-catching autumn centerpiece! Possible centerpiece for a fall/winter wedding?

Cute Crafts to Give Thanks: Handy Thanksgiving Tree (via Parents.com)

Cute Crafts to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving tree--kids write what they are thankful for on handprint leaves Alternative: use turkey--handprint feathers with thanksgivings by cynthia

Lovely Leaf Crafts for Kids: Leaf Rubbing Tree (via Parents.com)

Lovely Leaf Crafts for Kids

Make it: Place the leaves vein side up under a piece of paper, and use the side of a crayon to make a rubbing of the leaf. Stand up your paper towel roll and tape on your leaf rubbings to make a bushy tree.

The Great Pumpkin: 23 Creative Pumpkin Crafts: Well Spun (via Parents.com)

The Great Pumpkin: 26 Creative Pumpkin Crafts

Clever and Cool Holiday Décor Projects: Yarn-Wrapped Pinecones (via Parents.com)

Clever and Cool Holiday Decor Projects

wrap pine cones with yarn. Start at the base and wrap yarn around cone – pull yarn deep into the crevices. The tighter part of the pine cone will hold the yarn in place – no need for glue.