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I sent this to my love with the "He" word repplaced by "She" and "Kate"...fits perfectly with her lifted diesel. I just won major brownie points!!!

It's a terrible feeling-- especially when you can't figure out what. Same applies to knowing something is happening, and I've forgotten what, when it starts, & where it is. Do I have free time, or have I just totally forgotten all engagements?

Go watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on youtube. For realz seriously go! It is a modern adaptation of pride and prejudice. It is really good! @Julie Forrest Mohr this is what they told us about at the re-enactment remember?

Sherlock :) i did my research. Technically, he's not a high functioning sociopath. Nor is he a psychopath. That fact makes what he says to Anderson even more insulting. :) Good ol' Sherlock!

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