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Create an Easy to Edit, Homeschool Weekly Assignment Sheet

Create an easy to edit weekly assignment sheet for Homeschoolers. What a great idea to place the week's assignments separately for each subject ON the divider for the subject using Post-it® Notes!- Big Family Blessings #SchoolYearReady #ad


How To Use Google Calendar As A Free Online Homeschool Planner

How to use Google Calendar as an amazing homeschool planner that sync's to EVERYTHING! This is a brilliant idea. I can finally stay organized haha!


Planning Out Your Homeschool Curriculum (& Year)

Planning Out Your Homeschool Curriculum! How to Create a Homeschool Course of Study. This is part of a series I'm doing on "How to Organize Your Homeschool." Trying to plan out your homeschool year? See how I plan out our homeschool curriculum for the year by using a "Course of Study."