Had to pin this! I love them I had this poster on my wall!

Back in the day I was convinced I was going to marry Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block.Looks like things didn't pan out the way I thought they would. I did finally see them in concert a few years ago which was a dream come true.

Donnie Wahlberg shared this shot of himself on Instagram

Donnie Wahlberg Posts Naked Picture on Twitter: "Pre-Show Shower Time"

"Pre show shower time!" --Donnie Wahlberg, who could've wrapped his towel a bit tighter before taking a photo

Vintage New Kids on the Block Lunch Box Thermos. via Etsy.

Vintage New Kids on the Block Lunch Box Thermos. totally had this! lol I have mine still, no thermos though.

New Kids on the Block and Fenway...a few of my favorite things

Celebrities From Boston

New Kids on the Block Photo - Celebrities From Boston - Us Weekly

Already got my tickets!!!! New Kids On The Block The Package Tour

New Kids on the Block: The Package Tour Buffalo, NY Aug.