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Pics of my knives and leatherwork
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Moray Black And Red, Micarta, Black Linen, Linen, Leather Working
Moray (Linen Micarta)
Pocket Knife, Pocket, Knife
Custom Basketweave sheath
Survival, Sheath
Custom stingray inlay sheath
Custom floral tooled sheath
Custom split inlay sheath
Raindrop mini with blue resin
Camo, Grizzly
Grizzly in Camo G10
Black and Bengal Tiger G10 Bengal, Tiger
Black and Bengal Tiger G10
Red acrylic handle Red, Handle, Acrylic
Bush Baby
Red acrylic handle
Mesquite with Becote Handle
Brown Canvas, Brown, Canvas
Mesquite in Brown Canvas Micarta
Forester in Caramel Canvas
Forester in Caramel Canvas
BushBaby Red Canvas and Stabilized Maple
Forester in Inlace Acylester
Forester in Inlace Acylester
Leather, Tool Sheath, Custom Knife, Zombie Tools, Handmade Knives, Best Zombie
Hammer marked Raindrop Mini
Satin finish Raindrop Mini
Satin finish Raindrop Mini
Hammer, Arrow Keys
Hammer marked Pintail Mini
Diamondback rattlesnake inlay pouch sheath
Dark fade Basketweave sheath
Border tooled sheath
Pistol Case, Handmade
Caiman pistol case
Premium Leather Strop Belts, Accessories, Belt, Black Leather, Brown Leather, Strop, Premium
Premium Leather Strop
Premium Leather Strop
Pintail Mini Tiffany Blue, Neck Knife, Black Leather Belt
Pintail Mini
Pintail Mini
Midsize Prototype Prototype, Black Canvas, Red Heart
Bush Baby in Red Canvas and Maple
Midsize Prototype