My heart was so sad at this post. and then i had to laugh at the end post. But this was beautiful

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Funny pictures about The Little Mermaid And The Seven Seas. Oh, and cool pics about The Little Mermaid And The Seven Seas. Also, The Little Mermaid And The Seven Seas photos.

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The OUAT family tree is so f***ed up you could literally tell me anything and I wouldn't even be shocked anymore. I challenge you all to shock me with a random OUAT family tree fact

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I remember begging my friend to hurry up and watch season 3 so we could talk about it! But it hadn't come on Netflix yet.<<< this is literally my squad. They're begging me to finish season fivd

It hurt!

That scene was cruel . Watching regina be confused then realize that her true love had his wife back . She had FREAKIN' tears in her eyes ! It was horrible -and then it wasn't even Marian it was Zelena all the time WHY