Easy Valentine's Day Mini Cakes! So fast, so simple, so cute!

Easy Valentine’s Day Mini Cakes

Birthday Cake

Looking for cakes for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions? Why not pick from any of these Top 20 Super Awesome Cake Collection? Browse each one of them and be amazed!

pretty cute

Glorious Treats: Purple Ombre Mini Cakes this is the actual recipe!

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Beautiful (and yummy) Vday cookies-no recipe. Just make pink cookies and use either frosting or whipped cream and strawberries/raspberries. Maybe substitute cookies with pink pancakes.


Well its the start of wedding season on this side of world again. They wanted simple with a touch of romance!


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Centerpiece for the kids table or a child's birthday party. Great fun for a candy land or willy wonka themed party! Although they might not stay centerpieces for too long!


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