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This is something my grandma would have. She had a sign on the wall that said, "In case of fire, lift flap." Then you lifted flap and it read, " Not now, you idiot, in case of fire!"

Funny pictures about The Little Things In Life. Oh, and cool pics about The Little Things In Life. Also, The Little Things In Life photos.

I would follow him

The answer by the way, at least for some poisons, is "less toxic". Expired poison tablets were a contributing factor in the absolute fuck up that was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

"Your?" "No." "You're?" "No." "???" "Mine. All mine! Ahahahaha!!!!!"

American History in a nutshell<<< Except that this guy was British and this should be British History sayin'~

No you really have no idea how much I laughed, my mom got mad at me. oh my goodness this is honestly the best thing ever

I thought so too, person whom I don't know. I thought so too. I just shaved, touch my leg. - ( bird with long legs) I'm laughing so hard

Thrift Shop: Macbeth Style

Pardon the language, but the Shakespeare nerd in me just can't help loving this! <-- This is awesome

and im laughing

Regret: the only hair product you'll ever use just once. and then you regret