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Creepy Amazing Stories - Voynich Manusript . repinner-obviously this was a very smart left handed female scholar or pagan/witch who copied her notes in her own langauge for fear of being burned at the stake and tortured. (That is what I would do if I lived in that time period. )

Now this truly is mysterious, if you don't know the Voynich Manuscript it is truly worth reading about :Creepy Amazing Stories - Voynich Manusript

Human without humanity is like Heaven without happiness.... Where has humanity gone?!?! I too am so sick of stupid and ignorant people calling for war!!!! #Ichoosepeace

29 Unbelievable Photos Of The Human Race Touching <---- isn't one of those the fall out boy album cover?

Gifts for geeks

Funny pictures about Great Gifts for Geeks. Oh, and cool pics about Great Gifts for Geeks. Also, Great Gifts for Geeks.

Top ten elemental spirits in the Philippines

Top ten elemental spirits in the Philippines - The spelling and grammar is a little tough

Nordic folklore

Nordic folklore, some interesting mythological creatures and figures (Also I love how the troll picture is from Trollhunter)

Grapple flow chart 01

Pathfinder Grapple Flow Chart, by Tom Flock