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2015 Yn Auction

1 -- 1942-S Lincoln 1c – Choice Brilliant Uncirculated Red: The 1942-S is a relative sleeper, semi-key in the Lincoln Cent series. Retail price guides value this above every other regular date and mintmark in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as some of the later dates in the 1930s. Full, original mint luster, with some small carbon spots, primarily on the obverse.

2 -- 1949-S Lincoln 1c – Gem Brilliant Uncirculated Red: Another San Francisco Lincoln Cent. This one from 1949 displays beautiful, satiny surfaces, with very few bagmarks and almost no carbon spots; a true gem.

3 -- 1961 Lincoln 1c – Choice Gem Proof Red: Nice, original proof Lincoln Cent, with slightly hazy surfaces. Perfect for the beginning collector of US proof coins and/or Lincoln Cents.

4 -- 1869 Shield 5c – Fletcher-111 – Extra Fine (w/Scratches/Gouges): This Shield Nickel has a slight re-punched date (South) with evidence of an earlier date punch within the loop of the 9. There is some minor doubling on some of the obverse devices, along with die cracks running along the top of the shield and motto. A few old scratches on both sides do not distract from the overall attractiveness of the original patina.

5 -- 1836 Capped Bust 50c – Extra Fine – Overton-104a: The Overton 104a die variety features a minor repunching just below the base of the numeral 1. There is a large, circular die crack that runs from the motto, through United, and to both of the eagle’s wings. There are the usual amount of light scratches from circulation, with a fair amount of original luster remaining, especially on the reverse.

6 -- 1956 Franklin 50C – ANACS MS-66 – Toned: Full, choice gem surfaces, with genuine, original toning primarily on the obverse. Toning often hides many “sins” but this coin doesn’t seem to have any bagmarks at all, with the exception of one minor hit within the hair. A beautiful piece with natural blue-green and magenta highlights; a welcome addition to anyone’s collection.

7 -- 2000 Lincoln 1c – ANACS MS-65 Red PL: Slightly prooflike surfaces and a full gem strike are enhanced by the toning developing around the coin’s periphery. Wonderful example of a true gem Memorial Cent, with greenish-yellow and magenta accents.

8 -- 1979-D Washington 25c – SGS MS-70 - Toned: A true, choice gem quarter (but not a true “MS-70”) featuring gorgeous toning, especially on the obverse. Perfect for the collector of originally toned coins.

9 -- 2001-S Sacagawea $1 – SGS PR-70 CAM: The key date in the series, with a mintage of just under 3.2 million. Near flawless cameo devices and fully mirrored fields, with some minor carbon spotting on the reverse. (There is a small nick on the holder on the reverse by the first A in America; not on the coin.)