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How to make tissue paper flowers Hello! :) I am back with another Inspirational Monday on diy flower series. This week is about making DIY tissue paper flowers. Love how dimensional .

Printable Patriotic Paper Pinwheels

Printable Patriotic Paper Pinwheels

Make these adorable paper pinwheels for your Fourth of July celebration. Use our printable patterns and tutorial to create this vintage patriotic look!

paper orchid tutorial

How to make cute decorative paper orchids. You can put it in your hair or make it a cute gift topper!

Testattu on, tulee niin hienoja että :)

How to make a paper star snowflake decoration? It can be made from tiny sized tree ornaments to. The post The Perfect DIY paper star Snowflakes appeared first on The Perfect DIY.


DIY Gift BOXes -- Cut colored paper according to the shape put together into a spiral ball. Put your gift inside the ball. DIY Gift Boxes _____________________________ Reposted by Dr.

just made these and they are AWESOME! i made one out of old scrapbook paper and it is ginormous and amazing. this would make a great cheap replacement for a wreath inside a window. @Tara Harmon Woods Silvestri you need to do this in your front window!

free tutorial }- Easy peasy paper snowflake ~ Three Red Apples I love to make these every year.