My obsession with Chris P. Bacon is a little unhealthy <3

A great example of kindness! A piglet named Chris P. Bacon was born without his hind legs, but thanks to his caring owners, he can now walk with the help of a tiny wheelchair made from children's toys. The little piglet's name? Chris P.

Dapple Dachshund Puppy

Fat feet that smell like Fritos: Reason to adore dachshunds. Oh my gosh that is weiner dog gospel

Yes. This is so cute. Maybe one day when I get married I'll do this.

Promise Ring, Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, I wish I could have a picture like his someday

Sitting "patiently" for you

"How mini dachshunds sit." Had no idea they had mini dachshunds. I found what my next dog will be.