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Paradoxes that can drive you crazy…

Funny pictures about Paradoxes that can drive you crazy. Oh, and cool pics about Paradoxes that can drive you crazy. Also, Paradoxes that can drive you crazy.

"If you genuinely love someone, don`t ever decorate their eyes with tears, their ears with lies and their heart with a wound."

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my fucking life story bish azz. and I think I can't go out or I'll die of poisonous gasses. I'm so sad and grey. russian emo its a tricky situation. u c?

Crazy people don't know they are crazy. I know I am crazy, therefore I am not crazy. Isn't that crazy. Pirates of the Caribbean jack sparrow

this conveys more balance to me than tension but maybe change the concept to be holding the bar on a mans back while suspending the "head" and the "heart" on each side

"The Balance" Christian Schloe The Egyptians believed that the heart was the source of reason. During mummification, they would dispose of the brain and preserve the heart in a jar.