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Breathing Chair Made of Foam

This may look like a weird, foam cube. And it is! But it's also a chair, one of the cleverest I've ever seen. Look closely: in the middle of the cube, the triangular voids are larger. They're meticulously placed, actually,...

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MOM- YOU NEED TO GET THIS TOY BEFORE EVERYONE AT THE OFFICE GETS IT!! iPhone Projector Case by Texas Instruments and Brookstone: 15 lumen LED projection lamp capable of projecting a 50" image from 8' away with a 640 x 360 pixel native display resolution. Preorder for $230 plus s/h. #iPod_Projector #Brookstone #Texas_Instruments

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The Bed Fan delivers a cool breeze between the sheets—without AC costs, and without disturbing your partner!

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KaplanMD Lip Gloss is a dermatologist developed lip treatment that plumps, moisturizes and contours for only £22.50 at

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