Toothfairy pillow I had a tooth fairy pillow as a kid, need to make one for the kiddo

Jany Claire: Toothfairy pillow, or a cute tooth pillow for the dental friends you may now.

tooth fairy pillow for k

Tooth Fairy Pillow, Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow

Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow for Boys and Girls, Embroidered and Stuffed

Fada do dente de feltro

This tooth pillow is a perfect gift for a loose-toothed child ! It looks so cute, your kids will love it. They can put the lost tooth under the pillow or h

Bonecos Fada do Dente

Bonecos Fada do Dente

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Tooth Fairy Pillow, would be easy to make. I like the idea of putting this on the door, easier to remember to put the $$ and less risk getting caught! Good for a light sleeper too.

Tooth Fairy Pillow (Andalucia)

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