You Can Rent A Glass Igloo In Finland To Watch The Northern Lights

Rent a Glass Igloo in Finland to Watch the Northern Lights BUCKET list: travel goals


Before I die Bucket list bucket-list go to a drive in movie - [✔]


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I've seen show that were on Broadway in different cities; Lion King in Chicago and Wicked in Des Moines but now I can finally say I've seen a show on Broadway. I saw Aladdin on Broaddway in New York on June 2016

Get Front Row Tickets To A Concert Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Marron Kelly Clarkson! My mom got free front row tickets at a concert for a country artist and I forgot which artist

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I live in calfornia so I have seen the walk of fame more than ounce. I got to see celine dolines star and michael jacksons on the hollywood walk of fame.

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Float in the Dead Sea Hehe. I can't float. I can swim, I just can't float for more than like, 6 seconds.) I'm a rebel.

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