Fiction written by Anastasia Suen
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Red Light, Green Light

Ken Wilson-Max] -- A young boy creates an imaginary world filled with zooming cars, flashing traffic lights, and racing fire engines.

The Clubhouse

The clubhouse. Allan Eitzen] -- Peter, Amy, Archie, Lily and Louie work together to build a clubhouse in a vacant lot.

Willie's Birthday

Ezra Jack Keats] -- A "Bring Your Pet" birthday party gets out of hand when the pets show more interest in chasing each other than in celebrating.

Cutting in Line Isn't Fair!

This could also be a fun read aloud for Social Studies, but it could also be a great Literacy project for students. Students could write their own book about something that they feel happens in the classroom that they don't agree with.

Hamster Chase

Ezra Jack Keats] -- The class hamster gets loose and it's up to Peter, Amy, and Archie to find him and lure him back into his cage.

Show Some Respect

Show Some Respect (Main Street School) (Main Street School)

Block Party

Join two friends, Tanya and Rosa, as they ride in a patriotic bike parade through their neighborhood and end up at fun-filled block party. Web discounts do not apply to Bebop books

The Scary Night: A Robot and Rico Story

The Scary Night: A Robot and Rico Story

Helping Sophia

The students in Miss K s class experience situations that occur in schools everywhere. Sophia's first-person narratives teach about caring with brilliant illustrations and humorous text.

Times Tables Cheat

Anastasia Suen is the author of more than 215 books, many of which explore science and technology for young readers, including Wired and Subway (Viking). She lives in Aptos, California.Ryan O'Rourke has illustrated picture books about trains (Alph.

Skate Trick: A Robot and Rico Story

Skate Trick: A Robot and Rico Story

Scissors, Paper, and Sharing

Scissors, paper, and sharing. Jeffrey Ebbeler] -- When most of the paper and all of the scissors have been taken for the art project, Omar and Alex find a creative way to do their project.

Test Drive: A Robot and Rico Story

Test drive : a Robot and Rico story. Mike Laughead] -- Rico tries to help Robot fix his race car and waits patiently for his turn to drive it.