Recipe for homemade soy candles that cost less than a dollar to make!

DIY Soy Candle Favors

DIY Soy Wax Candles, great eco-friendly gift or favor idea. Supposed to be inexpensive and easy!

DIY Multi Color Candle candle diy craft; christmas presents??

DIY Multi Color Candle candle diy craft - looks pretty easy. Use up those broken crayon pieces! Oooh or the scented crayons!

Candle holder...won't be hard to make, just need the right tools

Would be expecially awesome to find a branch that was arch shaped so it would sit on table with the candle lites up in air rather than flat on table. 5 tealight wood candle holder low lying bark on split log eco nature beeswax candles

DIY Orange Peel Candle: Just imagine how good this smells!

DIY Orange Peel Candle: Not only do these smell good; the citrinella in the orange absolutly drives bugs AWAY! If your power goes out and you have to let some cool outside air in at night - best to have a means to keep the skeeters at bay

Ice Candles Tutorial...I wonder how quick it will melt...interesting idea though

DIY Ice Candles Tutorial

DIY ice candle holder - tutorial from intimate weddings (made using plastic food containers) light

DIY French Vanilla Candles | Henry Happened

Make Your House Smell Amazing with DIY French Vanilla Candles. easiest diy tip on finding candle wax, merp

DIY log candles holders for your rustic decorating style

Sweet Tea Margaritas

Log Tea Light Pillar Candles - Pretty Handy Girl - good idea - especially since we cut down that cedar tree.

Craft & Creativity: Candle making in sand

Craft & Creativity: Candle making in sand: I did this in Girl Scout camp. might still have it in my toy box

Fragrance Oils

Lonestar- this company sells supplies to make homemade candles I would love to make a bunch of my own candles for the fall/winter! (Diy Art To Sell)

candle ideas

17 candles to build your own! Looking original DIY for Christmas decoration of your house, but no result? See my suggestions for Christmas candles and maybe change your mind!

10 Beautiful Homemade Candle Ideas

10 Beautiful Homemade Candle Ideas