Ashley Bennett
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Reema Floor Cushion

Would be great on pallet boards in a tiny home - versatile and changable - can pile it two cushions high and have the option of placing on floor for floor seating eema Floor Cushion

room with climbing walls

Put heavy duty bars (handicap rails?) going up the wall and ceiling in the basement playroom or boys room for climbing. I wonder if this could be accomplished in the basement. Fun for the kids!

Fabric covered foam stacked for a couch and pulled apart for sleepovers. this would be so great in a play room! by vintagerenewal

Play room idea instead of couch. Simple stack of multiple fabric-covered foam pads. makes a cushy "sofa" in the playroom, and can be pulled apart for multiple sleepover guests, movie night pillows, or tumbling games, etc. Home decor design

This is awesome! Swing sets in your basement :) Every Home in snow country with grandchildren or children should be equipped with this!!!

This is a great idea for the kids when they're stuck inside and driving you extra crazy. An Indoor Swing Set. this is the most awesome thing ever. One day when a room in my house can be just a play room, this would be awesome to have!