Australian National Botanic Gardens
Australian National Botanic Gardens
Australian National Botanic Gardens

Australian National Botanic Gardens

The national collection of Australian native plants; inspiring, informing and connecting people with the Australian flora.

"Eastern Spinebill impersonating a hummingbird" - pic shared by twitter follower @leo_qbn

Afternoon adventure in the Red Centre Garden - this pic shared by twitter follower ‏@honeybeebook

The beautiful Waratah - Telopea speciosissima - floral emblem of New South Wales

Darwinia squarrosa (Turcz.) Domin Fringed Mountain Bell Australian National Botanic Gardens

Sturt Desert Pea, Australian National Botanic Gardens

Rock lily orchids (Dendrobium) at the Australian National Botanic Gardens blog.parksaustral...

Spinebill File:Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris ANBG.jpg

The Friends photographic group capture the beauty of the Gardens' plants. Image by Pam Rooney.

Seedy Volunteers help collect seed for our alpine seed collection - contributing to conservation of Australia's alpine flora.

Volunteers lead visitors in relaxing style aboard the Flora Explorer tour

Visitors get get a unique glimpse of the Gardens with our Volunteer Guides. Image by Alan Munns.

A Gardens' volunteer leading one of our popular guided walks

Volunteers hands-on planting in the Grassy Woodland Garden

Grevillea oligomera from Western Australia. We grow this in a pot with special soil to ensure conditions are just right.

Aerial view of our spectacular Red Centre Garden - right here in the nation's capital.

View from the artwork by Teresa Purla McKeeman based on her painting commissioned by the Gardens.

Coymbia 'Dwarf Orange' - in spectacular summer bloom. See it on our Eucalypt walk. Photo: P. Canadell

Playtheca galioides - another beautiful flower from Western Australia in flower in a special pot alongside the Rock Garden lawn at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. Photo S Sonntag - spring 2013

Pretty in pink - yet another form of the same species of orchid, Dendrobium speciosum. No wonder botanists have had such a hard time agreeing on how many species there are. But ANBG researchers have confirmed with genetic analysis, it is one species with two sub-species.

Dendrobium speciosum grows in a variety of habitats from rocky outcrops to the trunks of trees, all along the 3000 km easter coastline of Australia.