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Your DNA has a story. It's time to discover it. Now it's easier than ever to explore your ethnic heritage, and possibly find new cousins along the way.


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New Ancestor Discoveries: Clues (Not Proof) to Your Past

The Interconnectedness of the Human Family via Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Population Geneticist, Julie Granka of Ancestry. #AncestryDNA #DNA #Genetics #geneticgenealogy #genealogy #technology #science #DNA

The Interconnectedness of the Human Family

Professional genealogist Anne Gillespie Mitchell shares 5 of the most common #DNA questions and her answers: #ancestryDNA #geneticgenealogy #genealogy #science #technology #familyhistory #genetics

Answers 5 DNA Questions

Introducing Ancestry's "New Ancestor Discoveries"
  • Julie Hahn
    Julie Hahn

    This is a great feature of the DNA. When I didn't see any results for me I wondered why. I now believe that I've accurately built out my tree enough that the ancestors who may have shown up here, I already had in my tree. Not a problem at all. My son's DNA had two ancestors from his dad side that I had not connected. Within two days I had made the two generation further back connection. Now this feature shows no matches with JUST DNA because it's all connected correctly. :-) Nice affirmation.

Introducing a Breakthrough in #AncestryDNA. Now, by just taking the AncestryDNA test, you can instantly find ancestors you never knew you had, going back generations in your family. Learn more about New Ancestor Discoveries here: #genetics #geneticgenealogy #genealogy #ancestry #familyhistory #familytree #ancestors #technology #tech #science

AncestryDNA: New Ancestor Discoveries

This handy chart explains how your cousins are related to you. Click through for information about AncestryDNA cousin matches. Blog | The official blog of

Understanding Genetics - Great article about how DNA recombines each generation.

Understanding Genetics

A Sneak Peek Into The AncestryDNA Ethnicity Update – Coming Soon To Your DNA Results!

The way DNA is passed from generation to generation is fascinating. Here's a look at how eye color is inherited. Want to know more about what you inherited from your ancestors? Take an AncestryDNA test and learn more about your ethnicity. #ancestry #ancestrydna #dna #genealogy

DNA Tests for Ethnicity & Genealogical DNA testing at AncestryDNA

Check out these frequently asked questions about AncestryDNA. #genealogy #DNA

From CNN: Today we use DNA tests to tell us about all kinds of things -- from Justin Bieber's baby daddy status to the innocence of a man sitting on death row. But genetic scientists are doing more than trying to prove Bigfoot's existence. Here are five cool things DNA testing can do.

5 cool things DNA testing can do

It’s DNA Day today - April 25th! This holiday celebrates the day in 1953 when the structure of DNA was first published. Have you discovered your DNA? If not, you should with AncestryDNA.

DNA Tests for Ethnicity & Genealogical DNA testing at AncestryDNA

Chris Burton was simply hoping to discover his ancestors’ homelands when he took his AncestryDNA test. But when his test results came in, Chris, who was adopted at birth, learned he had a close family connection, possibly a first cousin. Would that link him to his birth family? Watch the whole story unfold as Chris sits down with Katie Couric on Katie! #genealogy #adoption

  • Cinnamon Cooney
    Cinnamon Cooney

    I am so excited to do the DNA test and see what surprises pop up!

  • Paula Leavy- Sorrentino
    Paula Leavy- Sorrentino

    Thinking about doing the DNA it expensive?

  • Cinnamon Cooney
    Cinnamon Cooney

    I just did mine and it was 99.00. I am so excited to see the results. I plan to be trouble at family reunions lol!

AncestryDNA now has a new low price of $99 and some great new tools to help you discover even more about your family history. Click here to learn more.

The latest installment of new AncestryDNA features.

Among the many benefits of the new AncestryDNA test is that, not only can women take it, but the test includes links to your past on both your paternal and maternal lines. Read Renee's story about confirming family stories of Irish ancestry and a connection to the famous McCoy clan. #AncestryDNA #dna #genealogy

Mara Parker was put up for adoption the day she was born. She met her mother when she was 18, but still felt a gap in her life. She wanted to know her father. Armed with only his name, she spent the next 25 years looking for the man that didn't know she existed. Her answer finally came when she took the AncestryDNA test and was connected to her half sister. Mara would then meet her father for the first time on the Steve Harvey Show. #genealogy #dna #AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA discoveries made easier with the help of the shaky leaf. This new kind of hint will help you easily spot a DNA match who shares an ancestor with you - we call it the "Shared Ancestor Hint." Learn more here. #genealogy #AncestryDNA #DNA