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    Genealogy Tools

    Genealogy Tools

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    Did you know that those markings on your ancestor's passenger list actually mean something that could be useful to you in your genealogy research?

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    Love, love, love my new toy! I can scan geneology documents, recipes, etc. on the go.

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    Search for your ancestors in these free digitized American biographies, genealogies and history books.

    genealogy book links

    This 'Dictionary of Old Occupations' can be very interesting. Add these details and definitions to the "notes" in your tree to make it come alive. #genealogy

    Family Tree Researcher: Dictionary of Old Occupations - Index

    How to read old writing

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    Check out our #40toFollow- Social Media Mavericks from the latest issue of the magazine!

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    Dating Family Photos from Clothing #genealogy #familyhistory

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    • grace shintaku
      grace shintaku

      list of people too but google plus also

    ~ Death & Gravestone Symbolism ~

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    • Mira

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    Which census was that?

    Which census was that? - Organize Your Family History

    It's important to know where your family fits in history. The history of the world around them affected their lives and the choices they made. It also affects the kinds of records created that you use to research your #genealogy. What kind of timelines do you use to keep track of historical events? Here is one example.

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    • Barbara Northrop
      Barbara Northrop

      This is a great snapshot of what was happening as our family moved thru history.

    WolframAlpha can help you answer a lot of #genealogy questions like: -Was your great-grandmother's name common at that time? -What happened on your grandfather's birthday? -What was the weather like on your grandparents' wedding day? -What were the towns they lived in like, including demographics, and how far are they from where you live? -What was 20 dollars' worth the year your great-grandmother was born? -What is the technical relationship between you and your grandfather's sister?

    WolframAlpha: A New Tool for Genealogy

    We’re excited to introduce Shoebox from – a brand new version of the Shoebox mobile scanner that allows you to upload photos directly to your family tree on There has never been a simpler, faster, and more beautiful way to scan your old photos.

    Introducing Shoebox From – A Scanner in Your Pocket

    Still trying to figure out all those relationships in your family tree? Use this handy chart to figure out exactly what to call the children of your cousins. #genealogy #ancestry

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    • Donna Twichell
      Donna Twichell

      Very helpful.

    • Gail Daniels
      Gail Daniels

      Just what I needed

    Billions of records online at And, additional details about your family waiting to be discovered in libraries around the world. Happy Library Week! #genealogy

    Happy Library Week! And Happy National Library Workers Day!

    Preserving family history by using your smartphone: "It's natural to use special recording devices to preserve your family history, but with today's technology, extra devices."

    Preserving family history by using your smartphone

    Ancestry app for Android is among Google’s Best of the Best of 2012! #genealogy

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    November is a great month to get those family stories recorded. Llama says so. The National Day of Listening is a new national holiday started by StoryCorps in 2008. On the day after Thanksgiving, StoryCorps asks all Americans to take an hour to record an interview with a loved one, using recording equipment that is readily available in most homes, such as computers, iPhones, and tape recorders, along with StoryCorps’ free Do-It-Yourself Instruction Guide at: nationaldayoflist....

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    Check this out. You can now use Facebook to grow your family tree!

    Using Facebook to Grow Your Family Tree
    • Who'sThere? It's Me!
      Who'sThere? It's Me!

      This feature does not seem to be available in my ancestry account. :(

    Have you checked out the state and county resources available on USGenWeb? Great #genealogy tool.

    Free Genealogy and Family History Online - The USGenWeb Project

    Magnifying glass #ancestry #genealogy #familytree

    Magnifiers | Barnes & Noble

    Mouse #ancestry #genealogy #familytree

    Wireless Mouse, Computer Mouse, Optical Mouse -

    Scanner #ancestry #genealogy #familytree

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    • Lynne Good
      Lynne Good

      I have a Canon which is great also. Its so time-consuming and tedious though.

    • Donna Fitzgerald
      Donna Fitzgerald

      I like the portable, battery-powered Flip-Pal scanner.

    • Flip-Pal mobile scanner
      Flip-Pal mobile scanner

      @Donna Fitzgerald thanks so much for the mention -- we like you to!

    • Susan Holmes
      Susan Holmes

      I have an app on my Nokia, that turns my phone into a scanner, it's Great!

    • Bryan Castleman
      Bryan Castleman

      I have that scanner. It works great for scanning negatives.

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    Notebooks #ancestry #familytree #genealogy

    Assorted Products | Make More Happen at Staples®

    Binders #ancestry #genealogy #familytree

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    Tablet or computer #ancestry #genealogy #familytree

    Keeping tabs on upcoming tablets - CNET
    • Linda Morris Hammen
      Linda Morris Hammen

      I have ancestry on my tablet and on my phone so that wherever I am, I can work on my genealogy!