Анна Волкова

Анна Волкова

Анна Волкова
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34 social-housing units in Bondy, Bondy, 2010, wooden wall and roof, gray windows

Square Court by Atelier Du Pont, located in Bondy, France. 34 Social housing units are arranged so the balconies are in staggered rows to the views on the street front or to the internal courtyard.

Práter Street Social Housing, Budapest

Extending balconies and walkways connect two buildings and provide vistas to the city of Budapest while providing the essential elements in this social housing project by PLANT - Atelier Peter Kis.

Iva Letilovic & Morana Vlahovic Social Housing in Krapinske Toplice, Croatia

Foshan New City Village Walkway Bridge  / ADARC Associates

Completed in 2015 in Foshan, China. Images by Yuansheng Studio. Footprint of traditional architecture, love of homeland, coexistence of city and countryside, exploration of local and social culture.