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von Karman vortices - A Glorious View

The Terra satellite captured not only Von Karman vortices but also a rainbow-like optical phenomenon called a glory over the Pacific Ocean. Water droplets within clouds scatter light to produce the effect.

Periphery - djentlemen playing \m/

Yes, I know it was originally a Haunted Shores song people, but Periphery re-recorded the guitars and put the song on their Special Edition Self-Titled album.

Volcanic spirals of Cerberus Palus, Mars. Strangely looks like elephant skin.

This image provided by NASA on Thursday, April 2012 shows lava flows in the shape of coils located near the equatorial region of Mars. Analyzing high-resolution images of the region, researchers h

Fried Chicken at Wayfare Tavern, San Francisco. My favorite fried chicken.

Eye-Openers: The secret to Tyler Florence’s fried chicken at Wayfare Tavern

The Richat Structure of Guelb er Richat in Mauritania. Originally thought to be a meteorite impact, it is now known to be a volcanic bulge that never erupted and was leveled by erosion

The Eye of Africa — whose official name, the Richat Structure, seems so mundane in comparison — was spotted in central Mauritania by astronauts on early space missions. In the expanse of the Western.

Lyrid Meteor over Crater Lake

Meteor over Crater Lake, Oregon. I saw this lake flying over Oregon in a plane. It was really impressive, it's a collapsed volcano. You can hike around it if you go to Crater Lake National Park

ESA ATV docks with ISS

"Firing Thrusters" picture taken from the International Space Station on March by Astronaut Don Pettit, just as the Automated Transfer Vehicle Edoardo Amaldi approached the station for docking. (Image credits: Don Pettit, NASA via ESA)

Eruptions Blog. I <3 Volcanoes

After nearly two weeks of mid-level eruptions, Mount Etna in Italy produced a new paroxysmal eruptive episode. While not as energetic as previous events, this one lasted more than 5 hours.