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Beyonce y un gatote

Blue doesn't have all the fun: Beyonce enjoyed herself as she fed the animals as Blue's incredible birthday bash

The death of Marat de He Xiangyu. Un Ai Weiwei de fibra de vidrio.

Sculpted Ai Weiwei by He Xiangyu lies face down on the ground. The death of marat, 2011 fiberglass, silicone, fabric, human hair and leather

Guasón surfer

Caesar Romero's Joker (still gives Heath Ledger's a run for his money) hanging out at the beach with his customized surfboard.

Miami Vice… tercia de ases

Turning it all up Miami-Vice style with the talented Takashi Murakami 村上隆 and Diddy.

Get Lucky de Daft Punk en Mario Paint Composer

Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Mario Paint Composer. - Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Mario Paint Composer Cover) This is Mario Paint arrangement of Get Lucky by Daft Punk.