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Just because I'm not smiling doesn't mean I'm unhappy...And I'm sure as hell not flattered by or interested in your request to do so. Jackass(es)!  Photo:

Stop Telling Women to Smile - Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. A street art project addressing gender based street harassment.

Cat Lamp by NARUMI

Cat Lamp by NARUMI, Japan. Oh my gosh I am so going to be a cat lady.

Garden and House by Ryue Nishizawa

The House and Garden Building, Tokyo. Designed by Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa. The house has no facade and no interior walls. Instead there are floor-to-ceiling windows, curtains and an array of.

Japanese moss ball

Japanese moss balls to bring bit of green and energy into the room

Punta Tragara Hotel / Capri, Italy

Hotel Punta Tragara in Capri, Italy, features awe inspiring views of the Faraglioni from the oversized bath of the Punta Tragara Art Suite. I know this is a hotel in Italy, but a girl can dream, right? And I do love that tub!

Hide-Away Craft Table

Good idea for nail polish.Great DIY craft table that folds up and turns into a picture frame on the wall. I don't know if I'd use this as a craft table, but even just as a desk this would be rad.

Grey Batwing Long Sleeve Rabbit Print Sweater

Grey Batwing Long Sleeve Rabbit Print Sweater - Shut the Front Door! How amazing would this be for Christmas Day festivities!

You aren't cool.

You aren't cool.