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How-to Marceline Axe Bass from Adventure Time! I need to know this for Lyra's next haloween costume

sansmith: Marceline’s axe bass complete! Cept I accidentally added an extra string… (by San Smith) awesome.

Marceline's Bass Guitar by margo98

Finally finished with Marceline's axe bass guitar! I started it on Monday and finished this morning. I made it out of insulation foam, sanded it, gorilla glued it, painted it, and detailed it.

Adventure Time quote i had too

The All-Time Most Inspiring and Motivational Posters

This cartoon is so funny! "Dude, suckin' at something is the first step to bein sorta good at something." -Jake from Adventure Time


Princess Bubblegum: Besides this'll be easy with the two of us. We've got science on our side.

Marceline's axe bass - WIP and HOW TO by on @deviantART

This was a project which didn't end so good. I finished the base of guitar and tried to transport it back to my home country before the con and guess wh. Marceline's axe bass - WIP and HOW TO

Paper Cuts :The Art of Cameron Garland (adventure time!)

Original Adventure Time FanArt paper piece hand-drawn, hand-painted, and hand-cut by Cameron Garland.

50" wig for Marceline costume.

50 inch Heat Styable Wigs w 22 inch Extra long Bang Black Cosplay DNA 99001

Black Hi_Temp Series Extra Long Bang Cosplay Wigs 99001

I Shed So Many Tears...

This episode was so sad. The history between the Ice King and Marceline!