Why Do Teenagers Rebel? A 19-year-old explains how it doesn't HAVE to happen!

"Why I Didn't Rebel"--a 19-year-old explains

MUST READ! Why Do Teenagers Rebel? Thoughts from a Who Didn't. Thank you for great article. This is the way I was raised as well as my daughter. I believe that stressing God and family values help most people to become well rounded and confident.

branch tie backs

Branch Curtain Tie-Back. Time to go out on a limb and class things up a bit with these antiqued brass panel tie-backs, artfully shaped like tree branches.

Add black arcylic paint to elmers glue to draw a picture, let it dry one day, paint it w watercolors

Black glue / watercolor art - mix a few blobs black acrylic craft paint into a bottle of Elmer's Glue-All white school glue - draw with glue on water color paper, let dry 1 day - color with water colors

chocolate chip s'mores cookie. This looks so good...

S’mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip is under July 2012 s’mores stuffed cookies This recipe yields 4 gigantic cookies.