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Pets That Look Like Anderson

Pets That Look Like Anderson

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Kevin U’s 10-year-old Afghan, ChinaDoll.

Haigo M’s 17-year-old Italian Greyhound, Max.

April C’s says her about cat Isis “her eyes are even blue like Anderson’s!”

Neil W says his Siberian Husky, Sabra, “has similar piercing and alert blue eyes… as Mr. Cooper.”

  • Pamela Gutierrez
    Pamela Gutierrez

    Beautiful !

Debbie G’s horse, Aladdin, works as a therapy horse. Debbie says he “is white with beautiful pale blue eyes,” just like Anderson.

Christine M’s cat, Simba.

Carolyn S says her cat Finn has “a beautiful facial structure, just like Mr. Anderson Cooper.”

Stephanie Hart says her cat Lucy’s “coloration” reminds her “of Anderson’s hair.”

Lindsay Clayton’s 2-month-old miniature horse, Jet.

Beverly Ribaudo’s cat, Little Bit.

Tara Martino’s dog is “still very young, but already has a white/gray head of hair… and he likes to dress business-casual.”

Sharon Hill says her Chihuahua Misty “has the same slender face, slight smile, high cheeks and blue eyes” as Anderson.

Wendy Lane’s cat, Gandalf, reminds her of Anderson: “very laid back and very friendly with people.”

Sudha Devraj says, “Our Snowy is handsome just like Anderson and has a good kind heart just like Anderson.”

Eileen Wall’s dog, Mr. Twinkle Star.

We think David Southall may be bending the rules.

Susan Mitchell’s dog, Lily.

Gerri Trager says that cat George is “ready for anything. Just like Anderson.”

Holly Calandra’s dog, Capone.

The photo that started it all…

  • Alesia

    Monica Edman