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Pets That Look Like Anderson

Pets That Look Like Anderson

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Kevin U’s 10-year-old Afghan, ChinaDoll.

Haigo M’s 17-year-old Italian Greyhound, Max.

April C’s says her about cat Isis “her eyes are even blue like Anderson’s!”

Neil W says his Siberian Husky, Sabra, “has similar piercing and alert blue eyes… as Mr. Cooper.”

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    Pamela Gutierrez

    Beautiful !

Debbie G’s horse, Aladdin, works as a therapy horse. Debbie says he “is white with beautiful pale blue eyes,” just like Anderson.

Christine M’s cat, Simba.

Carolyn S says her cat Finn has “a beautiful facial structure, just like Mr. Anderson Cooper.”

Stephanie Hart says her cat Lucy’s “coloration” reminds her “of Anderson’s hair.”

Lindsay Clayton’s 2-month-old miniature horse, Jet.

Beverly Ribaudo’s cat, Little Bit.

Tara Martino’s dog is “still very young, but already has a white/gray head of hair… and he likes to dress business-casual.”

Sharon Hill says her Chihuahua Misty “has the same slender face, slight smile, high cheeks and blue eyes” as Anderson.

Wendy Lane’s cat, Gandalf, reminds her of Anderson: “very laid back and very friendly with people.”

Sudha Devraj says, “Our Snowy is handsome just like Anderson and has a good kind heart just like Anderson.”

Eileen Wall’s dog, Mr. Twinkle Star.

We think David Southall may be bending the rules.

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Susan Mitchell’s dog, Lily.

Gerri Trager says that cat George is “ready for anything. Just like Anderson.”

Holly Calandra’s dog, Capone.

The photo that started it all…

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