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wire hangers

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WEAVING ON A GRAND SCALE! « "FLIGHTS OF WHIMSY" Lots of fine motor skills involved here. A frame and hardware cloth - should be pretty easy. Wonder if a parent would be willing to help make it?


The lids from the storage boxes doubles as the dropping tray.  They're on 1/2" hardware cloth.  They work for ages 1 week to about 6-7 weeks for a few birds.

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I got a good fencing idea from this. Create fence frames with hardware cloth inside. use your plants to grow and fill the frames. Living walls. great for small gardens.

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Make your own wire basket. I'd wire wrap 12 g copper wire to the top to soften the edge. I also feel compelled to hang earrings from something made from hardware cloth.

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Tips and plans for chicken cooping. eg, don't use chicken wire, use 1/2 inch metal hardware cloth. Raccoons can get through the chicken wire.

Our Urban Chicken Coop Plan

I was inspired by this design and built 18 beds for my garden. I lined them with hardware cloth to keep gophers out.

Corrugated Sheet Metal Beds - Bed Assembly

This Old Housefrom This Old House

12 Spring Fix-Ups That Save You Money

DIY compost bin with scrap 1x2's and 1/4 inch galvanized hardware cloth to keep out critters and let air circulate.

12 Spring Fix-Ups That Save You Money

Old screen doors, backed with hardware cloth, and zip tied to canopy structure. Great idea for displays for an art fair.

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Better Homes & Gardensfrom Better Homes & Gardens

A Gallery of Garden Shed Ideas

Airy style - could use 1/2'' hardware cloth to screen out unwelcome intruders without compromising airflow.

A Gallery of Garden Shed Ideas

Cage made with 1/2" hardware cloth to deter the squirrels and any other animal thief from getting at my strawberries. Hardware cloth is ideal for making cages, no supports are necessary as it keeps its shape when bent. You can find hardware cloth at Home Depot or any building supply place - usually in the fencing department.

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looks like an old mail sorter - love the hardware cloth on the back

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Hardware cloth on bottom and 2x4 fencing on top (much cheaper!)

Buff Hooligans, about your coop/run


Milk-crate soil sifter

Milk Crate soil sifter. Just add hardware cloth!! Great idea.

Milk-crate soil sifter

Ace® 10x10ft Shade Cloth - Specialty Garden Products - Ace Hardware $17.99

Ace® 10x10ft Shade Cloth - Specialty Garden Products

packing pallet garden: hardware cloth & burlap on the back to hold it all in

gardening - Yahoo Search Results

The jewelry display/organizer I made from a vintage salvage window & some hardware cloth.

poetic & chic - poetic & chic


Step-by-step: Build the ultimate raised bed

hardware cloth keeps out the gopher's and moles

10 raised bed garden ideas

drop cloth and hardware material to cover windows

DIY: Hardware Store Window Treatments!

coop door with hardware cloth instead of chicken wire

Bantam Tractor or Coop

landscape or hardware cloth over windows and framed out

Redtailranch's Chicken Coop

"I'd use chicken wire instead of hardware cloth."

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drop cloth from the hardware store and sharpie

Kalli Fullerton thoughts & insights

Better Homes and Gardensfrom Better Homes and Gardens

Make a Living Succulent Picture

Step 4: Set Hardware Cloth Inside the Frame

Make a Living Succulent Picture

Way to attach hardware cloth to brooder tub lid.

DIY Thread - Let's see your "Inventions".