The *ultimate* bucket list for Harry Potter fans. #harrypotter #hp *

Muggles, Don't Even Think About Attempting This Harry Potter Bucket List

From majestic castles and train rides over rolling Scottish hillsides to historic hotels and secret wizarding shops, Muggles fulfilling this Harry Potter travel bucket list will be entirely convinced that magic truly does exist.

I don't know whether to pin this to my Harry Potter board or Supernatural board. So I'll pin it to both!

So true.

Harry Potter and the Seven Stages of Denial.

Funny pictures about The Seven Stages Of Denial. Oh, and cool pics about The Seven Stages Of Denial. Also, The Seven Stages Of Denial photos.

Faith In Humanity Restored. Harry Potter vs. Twilight.

Faith In Humanity Restored. Twilight sucks and Idc if you're a "die-hard" twilight fan.Harry potter was the best series anyone could have ever wrote!

Muggleborn kid with a talent for magic

I always say that muggle born kids must have such interesting times becoming wizards. It would be awesome to hear stories of muggle borns and their childhoods prior to and as they become wizards.

Ah... The feelings

Harry’s farewell…

Excuse me while I relapse into Post Potter Depression. For the 5 millionth time.

Bad ass Snape.

The Truth About Snape --- Noticed it the first time I saw the movie and I've pointed this out every time I've seen the movies since because yes. He is so badass.

Hagrid :) <3

Every once in a while something like this comes around and we all get Hagrid feels. Is there anyone in the Potter fandom that doesn't like Hagrid?

Harry Potter tumblr 6

Harry Tumblr #6

Number four is funny but JK Rowling only said that she was the God of Writing as a joke on Twilight bozo author. There's only one God and JK Rowling knows it. Literally, she does!