Andie Jaye from Crayon Freckles
Andie Jaye from Crayon Freckles
Andie Jaye from Crayon Freckles

Andie Jaye from Crayon Freckles

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Crayon Freckles: 5 Things Parents Should Do Before Sending Their Kids to Summer Camp

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create a children's book for your own kid called "the day i was born" using your own personal pictures and pint size productions. Love this idea!

Babies: Size of baby's stomach. Breastfeeding doesn't require supplementation. As a nurse frequently explaining this to parents, I want to print this out and hand it to all the breastfeeding moms!!!

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Great idea! Upcycle torn picture books into story magnets!

Baby Shower - love the white balloon cloud and rainbow rain drops

We must commit to build relationship with our boys so that when troubles come they’ll have a safe place to land, turning to us instead of the world .

Free Halloween Lacing Cards from Totschooling

DIY Mr. Potato Head Felt Board - Palmettos and Pigtails Great for so many things! Language, body awareness, upper body strength/endurance (reaching to place parts), following directions, sensory

5 Tips for Taking Great DIY Maternity Photos

Great resource with tons of activities and lots of printables.... Three to Five: Playful Preschool 3-5 ebook