Love this idea with the kids photos and an Egyptian Art Lesson

MaryMaking: Ancient Egyptian Royalty

Ms87's art on Artsonia

Artwork published by Ms87

Cardboard tube cat mummies.

Use Your Coloured Pencils: Egyptian Cat Mummies

scarab clay project

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scarab clay project

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Artist~Teacher... tishalou

Egyptian collages

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: The Art Show Part 1

Egyptian lesson plans

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Plastiquem: FEM UN PAPIR

2,500 year old Egyptian tomb in 2005

Image Gallery: Amazing Egyptian Discoveries

Scarab from King Tut's tomb

Tour Egypt :: Tut Exhibit - King Tutankhamun Exhibit, Collection: Jewelry - Pectoral of Kheper Scarab representing King Tutankhamun

Bracelets, Lapis Lazuli and gold, 940 BCE, 22nd Dynasty Ancient Egypt

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This well-formed statuette of a hippopotamus demonstrates the Egyptian artist's appreciation for the natural world. It was molded in faience, a ceramic material made of ground quartz. Beneath the blue-green glaze, the body was painted with the outlines of river plants, symbolizing the marshes in which the animal lived.

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Egyptian tablets

Use Your Coloured Pencils: Ancient Egyptian Style Carved Tablets

Ancient Egyptian Art Lessons

Ancient Egyptian Art Lessons

Riddles of the Sphinx -- video

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Egyptian Cinderella

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Mini Mummies Tutorial

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Ancient Egypt lessons plans-irrigation, inventions, pyramids, mummification. It's all here!

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Coloring pages - Ancient Egypt - cool visual for kids to see how it was

And Here We Go!: Plans: Cycle 1 - Week 2

egypt visual

Mummies Facts — Interactive Games, Maps and Timelines

photo Egyptian Royalty - kudos to MaryMaking

Georgetown Elementary Art Blog

making Egyptian collar necklaces - nice repurpose of marker lids? colored noodles? rolled paper/magazine?

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Walk Like an Egyptian

great summary /intro to Ancient Egypt-done by National Geographic and only 3:09 minutes-

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Egyptian Friezes using Egyptian rules for depicting the human figure and hieroglyphics.

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: 5th grade