Classroom rewards, NO TREASURE BOX, I am doing this next year! Save some money!

Creative student reward coupons (to get rid of the "treasure box" rewards)

hand print vases for Mother's Day #MyPerfectMothersDay~Could work for father's day, place snack mix inside?

Handprint craft - put child's handprint on glass Mason or other jar that has been painted a contrasting color. Vase or pencil holder. Great gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Popped Bubble Art

Popped Bubble Art

Popped Bubble Art: Simply color bubble mix with food coloring and blow bubbles onto paper. As the bubbles land and pop, they create beautiful works of art. A great kids activity for those lazy summer afternoons

Education to the Core: Quick Survey/Reflection poster idea with a FREEBIE!

FREE Quick Survey/Reflection poster!

FREE Quick Survey/Reflection poster by ! One great way to assess the class is through a quick survey or a reflection. These posters help you to understand the students’ thinking by looking at their responses.

Lego math games/what a great visual for kids!!!

24 More DIY Educational Activities for Kids

Comparing numbers - Playful learning with Lego math games.a simple and fun way to learn math concepts.

How could I tweak this for high school chemistry? Oh wait. I don't think I need to!

teaching alternative responses to, "I don't know", free.

TED Talks Education, hosted by @Jonathan Nafarrete Ramírez, premieres on #PBS May 7th 10/9c!  This is the first-ever original television special and features a mix of #teachers and #education advocates. Details: cc: @Ted Lee News @thirteenNY

A great sentiment for Teacher Appreciation Day! Rita Pierson will give a talk called "Every kid needs a champion" during our first television special, TED Talks Education

Building Number Sense in First Grade

Grab and Count/ Grab It! math station directions and a ton of other great math tub activities - Building Number Sense in First Grade

Mother's Day Paper Flower Bouquet

Why We Love Our Mothers

Mother& Day Paper Flower Bouquet - image only. Could also spiral strips of paper and glue onto construction paper, draw in stems, add a paper vase, and a message.

I'm not a teacher, but this is a great way to show kids how rain works! Make your own rain with shaving cream and food coloring!

More than 50 science activities for kids. Clouds: make the clouds rain! fill a clear glass with water top it with shaving cream drop food coloring on the top until it starts to rain!