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Andria Bullock

1/2 lb sausage 8 oz cream cheese 8 oz Velvetta (I like Blanco) 1/2 cup sour cream 1 or 2 cans Rotel - what you need for a fantasy football draft party

HAMPER- How adorable! Trash can sold at Home Depot Use Krylon spray paint. From When working with metal Remove loose rust with a wire brush, sandpaper or chemical rust remover. Remove oil with a degreaser or denatured alcohol especially on new metal. Prime surface to protect against rust and corrosion. Lightly sand glossy surface if previously painted and remove dust with a tack cloth. Outdoor metal should always be primed before painting for greatest durability.

Hide your unsightly trash cans behind lattice, or build/buy a storage shed for the cans (17 Easy and Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do)

Hide your unsightly trash cans behind lattice, or build/buy a storage shed for the cans (17 Easy and Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do)


Really good tutorial -- How To Paint Furniture | Old World Chippy Distressed Paint Finish | Ana White - Homemaker

DIY wood plank kitchen table picture step by step ~ would also be really really awesome for kitchen counters!!! Stained black with high gloss protectant over them..... Hummmm.....

I love the file folder-sized slots but the middle cupboard would have to be smaller because there will be a large monitor on the desktop. Maybe those little drawers or cubbies? I don't much care for the boxed-in feel of the desktop. The L side will have the floor to ceiling cabinet. On the R it won't stick out as far, whatever we put there, which will open it up a little and give me added desktop area.

Soft Almond Sugar Cookies. Blogger says these are the best cookies she has ever made.

Dollar store containers provide a wonderful solution for keeping decks of cards intact.

Charging Station tutorial - keep all the devices in one place! { }

Grape Poppers - these get eaten as fast as you can make them. Good thing they are so easy to make!

Do you ever wish you were closer friends with your husband? Well, you can! Here are some great ways to become best-friends with the man you married. 5 Ideas for Becoming Best Friends With Your Husband ~ Club31Women

Honey Mule / by American Honey

Do you want to join me on a life-long journey of learning to love each other? 100 practical and encouraging steps toward a loving, lasting marriage. 100 Ways to Love Your Husband by Lisa Jacobson

Halloween Wreath From a Cabinet Door - My sweet Father-in-Law saved an old cabinet door for me, and it's been sitting in my garage forever. When I decided to create a new Halloween wreath, I knew I wanted to do something a little different than the traditional grapevine wreath I usually opt for.

Cost-Cutting Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Look around your garage and attic. Thats what this homeowner did. He created cabinet hardware using a bunch of antique wrenches his grandfather gave him. He welded the wrenches to threaded rods and soaked them in saltwater so theyd rust. The result is the look of expensive rust-patina hardware that cost him practically nothing. From

Install new panels in old cabinet doors to give your kitchen a striking, inexpensive facelift!

DIY chalkboard from a cabinet door. Such a cute project from Hayley | A Beautiful Exchange Blog!

Garage Ceiling Lattice. Hangs scrap sections of plastic lattice to store everything from lengths of molding to fishing poles. Because of the open design of the lattice, you can quickly see the items stored overhead and has easy access to them.

Easy Ways to Get Your Garage Organized

Laundry in the closet..I WILL have this!

Storage idea for the shed/garage. I like how the bikes are hung and accessible.