still true in adult life! meetings... in services...

"Teacher says pick a partner look at your friend like this" is not right because there should be the words "when the" before teacher and a comma after partner, along with a period. Grammar win: When the teacher says pick a partner, look at your friend lik

Hot glue a pom pom on a wipe off marker and you have an instant eraser! BRILLIANT

Glue a pom pom ball to the top of students' dry erase markers for an instant eraser! (dollar store multi pack colors of pom poms match pack of Dry Erase colors)

great visual of zero slope versus undefined slope

ART: Mind-Bending Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson Well damn. There’s Photoshop experts and then there’s this guy. Swedish photographer Erik Johansson creates realistic photos of impossible.

Make a difference

Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story. ~Josh Shipp Thanks to Coach Jory ! caring adults are real People!


Grumpy cat quotes are funny to read. Tardar Sauce also known as the Grumpy cat is a celebrity and queen of cats. We have collected a list of amazingly funny and hilarious pictures of Grumpy cat [.

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25 Fun Things To Do In Your Dorm Room When It's Too Cold To Go Outside. lets be honest, i pinned this to keep the link to the single ladies tutorial

I absolutely love this - such simple tools that can make all the difference in your classroom!

For teachers wanting to go paperless, here is a great list of the tools you'll need to become completely digital!

An example of the question sheet with diagram filled in

String Art and Math: A Project in Multiplication free projection directions. About to start circles, love this project.

Great math #classroom poster M-A-T-H: Must Attempt The Homework

Great math poster M-A-T-H: Must Attempt The Homework. Hideous font, but I like the message.

End behavior "discovery" intro - start with a basic introduction to vocabulary (degree, leading coefficient). Give each group a copy of the first page to cut out and sort based on the degree and leading coefficient. We'll then compare the end behavior of the graphs in each group to come up with the "rules" for polynomial end behavior.

End behavior "discovery" intro - start with a basic introduction to vocabulary…