brilliant idea for eating in the car. (Just so you know, this is for my "friend".  I would NEVER let my kids eat in the car.)

Using a Dollar Tree shower caddy to eat fast food in the car. Future road trips with the kids just got a whole lot more awesome.or use for snacks, picnics, homemade lunches on road trips!

Library Embosser $26

Creativity and DIY: Books & Papercraft – Great gift for the book lover: Personalized library embosser stamp .

Beauty and the Beast tea set

The Disney Store has recently unveiled a number of limited edition “Beauty and the Beast” products! The first is a limited edition Mrs. Potts Tea Set that retails .


Cordito Leather Cord Wrap - Organize your cords and iPhone / iPod headphones, charger and other accessories! by Nat scavone

Cozi is the ultimate for the busy family.  Access via computer, smartphone and it texts you reminders... you can color code your family, simply awesome!!

Cozi Family Calendar - Free online shared calendar to manage activities and get the family organized

Recycled Men's Tie Wristlet

Crafts Just for Men. 32 awesome crafts for men. Crafts are for men too. Crafts Just for Men. 32 awesome crafts for men.

Grace....much better than perfection! @emilyley

"I will hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection." My husband married a human being. As did I. Flaws and all. Grace VS Perfection- It's a battle but one we must fight to keep in perspective!


Fleetwood Mac: Rumours 1977 (c) Warner Bros. The front cover features a stylised shot of Fleetwood and Nicks dressed in her “Rhiannon” stage persona: the photo was taken by Herbert Worthington. (c) Wikipedia

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