Ceramic Sculpture

Denise Romecki Ceramic Sculpture -Craftsmanship: Aptitude, skill, or quality workmanship in use of tools and materials.

Aleksei Bedny

The barcode lines of this photo pull our eyes to look vertically. It makes the people look small and rather than viewing them as a horizontal line of people I found myself viewing them individually, up and down, the same way I look at lines on a bar code.


White paper shells to decorate a wall of your home. Or use real shells from farm eggs that are different colored shells.

Bleu Papillon-c Painting

Bleu Papillon-c by Jean Plout - Bleu Papillon-c Painting - Bleu Papillon-c Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

img_ex63_0001.jpg 494×698 pixeles

A long tube winding around the space that flares out either end? Stars mounted on circle frames of different sizes.

Georgia O'Keeffe - Pond in the Woods, 1922

Why Georgia O'Keeffe ♥ New York

smokethereisfire: “ Pond in the Woods /Georgia O’Keefe, 1922 ”

L’oiseau volage - George Barbier, 1914

Art Deco: The Red Lady by Georges Barbier. Love this painting, very refined and colorful. Source: Fine Art Archives/Georges Barbier/The.

Remolino by @amoradiez

I really like this spiral because the water ripples stand out and the black hole in the middle seems to bring all the ripples together into a center.

Diego Rivera - Flower Vendor in Xochimilco (1929)

Mexican artist Diego Rivera also captured his country’s pre-Columbian peasants. In the same year he married Frida Kahlo, Rivera painted Vendedora de Flores en Xochimilco, honoring the people of Xochimilco who were flower sellers to Mexico City.

Ceramic artist Valéria Nascimento's ceramic wall installation.

I love Brazilian ceramic artist Val©ria Nascimento's work. Her delicate, ultra-thin porcelain wall pieces seem to defy gravity. Ah yes, "Flower," pictured