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Dentistry (AG)

Dentistry (AG)

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Teeth Chart #tendercare #dentist #teeth #smile #family #health #portland #oregon

20 Genius Baby Hacks to Make Your Life Simpler - The Fussy Baby Site


What Do Dreams About Teeth Mean? Teeth Symbolism

A dental implant can often times be placed immediately after a tooth is extracted. This will prevent future bone loss and allow the patient to leave with a beautiful tooth. #Dentist #Dentistry #Dental #Hygienist #DentalImplant #Dentaltown

This is what the roots of the teeth look like below the surface of the gum tissue and bone.

Long Buccal Injection for Dentists and Dental Hygienists


does so much lab work doesn't laugh at "vibrator" anymore

People with finger dexterity or arthritis may find it difficult to grab thin items. This sponge will allow the user to use as a grip and be able to use daily items such as forks and toothbrushes. They can be made at hom by simply cutting some foam such as the ones found on the hair rolls.

Dentist? Oh, you mean whisky and my pliers? #Dentist #Dental Jokes #Hygienist #Dentaltown #Quotes

Tooth-colored composite resins are one of the alternatives to traditional silver amalgam fillings which offer superior aesthetics due to their capacity to be closely matched to surrounding teeth. #dentalfillings #dentist #dental #dentistry #dentaltown #CosmeticDentistry

Dentaltown - Where The Dental Community Lives®

Warning signs for orthodontics Dentaltown - Patient Education Ideas

Dentaltown - Where The Dental Community Lives®

Before: Silver amalgam fillings After: Tooth colored composites

I have a tooth that's bothering me... :) #teeth #dentistry #dental #humor #smile

The decay enters in between the tooth where the floss cleans and spreads down the canal of the root causing an abscess at the bottom of the tooth spreading infection into the bone and the rest of the body. This tooth will need to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant and crown, or saved with a root canal and crown.

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G. V. Black’s classification put carious lesions into 5 categories based on the affected tooth surfaces. Class I: Caries affecting pits and fissures. Class II: Caries affecting interproximal areas of posterior teeth. Class III: Caries affecting interproximal areas of anterior teeth. Class IV: Caries affecting the interproximal areas of anterior teeth that also incorporate the incisal tip/edge. Class V: Caries affecting cervical smooth surfaces. Greene Vardiman Black (1836–1915), commonly known a

Dentaltown - Where The Dental Community Lives®

In order to restore the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in our blood, and to enable minerals to bond to our teeth, it is not enough to just avoid eating too many sweet or processed foods. We must also eat health-building foods, containing copious amounts of minerals and vitamins that will build a glassy hard tooth structure. - See more at: naturalhealthwarr...

How to Heal Cavities Naturally

8 Ways to Help Ease Your Child’s Fear of the #Dentist #dentalfear #childrensoralhealth

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is composed of ligaments and cartilage and connects the skull and jawbone. The TMJ allows the jaw to perform functions including talking, chewing, and swallowing motions.

Vintage Dental Anatomy Print, Human Mouth, Teeth, Jaw, Tongue Wall Decor, Art Illustration, Floor of the Mouth

Anatomical Landmarks Of Panoramic Radiographs......with ppt lecture note for download | Lecture Notes In Dentistry

Don't choose favorites... Every #tooth deserves to be flossed.

Someone needs to go to a dentist…

Someone needs to go to a dentist…

uh huh, sure you are!

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Dentaltown - Eruption Cyst

Dentaltown - Where The Dental Community Lives®

Progression of Gum Disease and Bone Disease #Dentaltown #Dentistry #HowardFarran Google+