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Aquarium in pool

aquarium in the indoor pool. If the aquarium shatters, you're gonna end up with fish in the pool. Then the fish will die from the pool chemicals.

Center pieces

blue and white candles Centerpieces kingsmill s ultmate nye 2012 i created shorter centerpieces as well .

Light Up Centerpiece table decor is easier to make than one might think! Beautiful use of LED submersible lights - put them in vase base, then add gems & jewels, flowers on top of that, then floating candles to complete look. Here's the LEDs to use:

How beautiful are these Floating Candle Centerpieces With Flower ! They are inexpensive and gorgeous Simple but amazing ! The post Wodnerful DIY Unique Floating Candle Centerpiece With Flower appeared first on The Perfect DIY.

Bowls of Light - using aqua gel beads + submersible LED lights. This is such a simple to do decoration, but the effects are awesome! Great for weddings, parties or just for the holidays. There are lots of different coloured beads and lights available, you could match them to your theme!

How to create amazing Bowls of Light, from Gel Deco Beads & LED Lights.

This would be fabulous for a nighttime wedding or garden party, maybe. (Does anybody use the phrase garden party anymore?)

Mason jars are often used for decorating the home, wedding gifts, gardening ideas, item storage and other creative crafts. Here are some awesome Mason Jar Craft Ideas which can help you to repurpose those old mason jars for decoration or useful pieces.

Simple Vase with a Submersible LED light in the bottom! Would use purple beads instead of white with white LED light. Centerpiece.

Centerpiece idea: Simple Vase with a Submersible LED light in the bottom and a floating candle on top. In the middle use water pearls and submerge fresh or faux flowers.

Goodnight! ..

nighty night sweet dreams me sleepy

Funny Text Messages of the Day

Funny Text Messages of the Day 25

When the Wife Drives. That face.  Lol

Funny picture of scared little boy riding in the passenger side of a toy car, with a little girl driving. Caption: Every man has this look when his wife is driving.

This Multiple Shower-Head System | 27 Things That Definitely Belong In Your Dream Home

Little larger shower, but multiple shower heads would be nice.This Multiple Shower-Head System