DIY Laundry Room/Closet Litter Box "Door" - Cut a small opening on door to laundry room or closet & add some decorative trim. Love it!!

Install on door to laundry room to give cat access to litter box while keeping the smell from going throughout the whole house. Note: Also good for keeping dogs out of the litter box! No more stinky litter box breath

Want to organize your office? Try this idea to hide your home printer in a basket. Seriously genius!

How to hide a printer so it will blend with your home decor

Hide Printer Tutorial - This would also work with an upside down cardboard box covered in nice paper.Call today or stop by for a tour of our facility! Indoor Units Available! Ideal for Outdoor gear, Furniture, Antiques, Collectibles, etc.

<3 Shabby chic perfection

Royal Doulton Royal Albert Houseware i want to have 5 daughters so that we can have a tea party with something similar to this tea set

How to hide lamp cords for a clean look. So smart!

Hi Sugarplum How To Hide Lamp Cords Don't let the cord coming from your fabulous lamp (mine is from HomeGoods) junk up your stylish vignette.there's a simple, inexpensive, quick fix for hiding them!

Homemade Baby Gate! Wow, love this idea and will use...up until they figure out how to take the board out themselves!

Such an easy idea for making homemade baby gates for curved and unusual staircases! Could also be a good doggie gate

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