The Prettiest Sofas Ever

Looking to give your interiors a serious boost? Check out the elements of Danish design. From egg chairs to other uniquely-shaped pieces of furniture, Danish design adds a special touch to any space. For more interior trends, go to Domino.

beautiful balcony Modern Living references such as Russel Wright, Joe Colombo, Achille Castiglione and George Nelson changed our perception of everyday furniture. Take a deep look inside our board if you seek inspiration.

This is also another thought for the den - White walls and gray couch again, but this time with black accents. I could imagine painting the doors black might be interesting. But would it be too dark (since it's a basement)?

So many amazing mid-century modern chair styles to choose from! - We picked the second chair down on the right to go with the teak table we bought in Havertown!