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    Born in the '70s

    Jogging your memory on the pop culture of your youth.

    Born in the '70s

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    Ahhh. Tinkerbelle.

    Rare Pink Retro 1980's Le Clic Toy Camera by featherhaus on Etsy

    Friendship pins.

    Barbie blow up furniture

    Waterpik. It always sprayed the mirror.


    Eating your vanilla ice cream with a wooden spoon:

    Being handed a freshly pressed assignment by your teacher from the Ditto Machine:

    Sitting in one of these not-so-comfortable classics

    Keeping your homework and papers organized in your awesome (and essential) Trapper Keeper

    Remember Brach's Pick-A-Mix? This was the best part about going to the grocery store as a kid.

    Vintage 80s Sharp QT50 Pastel Pink Boombox Radio by witchtrials. i owned this

    Hah! I remember these! "Oh man! My totally awesome, recorded from the radio, mix tapes were these very colorful, 80's style cassette tapes!"

    Dubble Bubble gum with comics for a penny and collecting the wrappers for merch

    Ankle socks.. still love these :) Had all colors of pom poms!!

    80s Perfumes: Obsession, Fendi, Camp Beverly Hills, Colors, and Liz Claiborne...

    American Bandstand

    Welcome Back Kotter

    1970's Dr. Scholl's Exercise Sandals. Only 3 colors back, white blue!

    Lift! Tilt! I've filled & emptied these countless times!!

    It took so long to call anyone!

    70s "portable" music players and tape recorders!! I had them all in red!!

    1980-s-yo-mama-70-s-80-s-childhood-memories I thought this was the best smelling stuff ever. Lol lol

    Avon lipgloss. My mom and aunt used to get me these and put them in my Easter baskets and Christmas stockings.

    Avon, 1974