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Andrea Mondini

Andrea Mondini
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Grow an Avocado Tree

I actually managed to get a 3 foot tree growing from an avocado seed but we moved and I lost it. Gotta start over. Apparently though, from what I researched, growing a tree from an avocado won’t yield avocados the same way avocado farms do.

But have you tried to start seeds in eggshells?

How to Start Seeds in Eggshells: Cute and Pratical! Materials: Empty eggshell halves, rinsed Recycled egg carton Seed-starting mix Seeds (small seeds such as herbs and flowers work best)

Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 52 Pics

WOW - i don't know if i even will be able to use this, but the idea is great just in case - perfect camping grill! DIY Tin Can Grill Top 33 Most Creative Camping DIY Projects and Clever Ideas by